What Does Your Voice Sound Like When You Speak, Sell Or Present?

What Does Your Voice Sound Like When You Speak, Sell Or Present?

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If you are reading this and you are like me, you probably would answer the question above with a non-committal…

“I don’t sound too bad…”

or perhaps…

“I sound #!@$!$ awesome…!”

or maybe

“I HATE the sound of my own voice…”

The point is that none of us have really paid attention to our voice and how we sound.

We just speak, do, go to university(or not) and get a job and hit the ground running. We reason…”my voice has worked out for me thus far…..no need to make any changes!”

It is the same with organisations today who focus on training and steps, processes, formulas and as much knowledge to make their work force more effective. They focus on the content of WHAT you say and not HOW you say things. Of course, content and getting your story straight is very important, however at some point the next sales guy is as good as the next and the next and the next.

The ability to emotional connect with an audience or a target customer quickly and effectively is a soft skill that separates the good from the bad to the downright ugly.

Using your voice and vocal tone as an instrument that can play more than 1 or 2 boring notes is a competitive advantage.

There I said it….your voice and the way you speak is a powerful weapon that you can train to become better at playing…..like an instrument.

In fact, Professor Albert Mehrabian of UCLA did some research in the 70s and he said that the decision to like or not like, to trust or not trust in communication is affected by 55% visual cues, 38% tonal queues and only 7% by our words.

In other words, if for instance you say “I really would like to do business with you…” but your body and tone suggest otherwise, the listener will take their cues from the visual and tonal stimuli and override what the words are saying.

And if you talk or sell on the phone, then your tone of voice and how say things is going to affect HOW the listener perceives you as trustworthy, interesting and

Your tone of voice and ONLY your voice is going to build connection, build trust and gain respect in a meaningful way.

As soon as you open your mouth, the listener makes an uninformed opinion of you.

Your voice’s job, together with the words you enunciate, is to make sure that you come across powerfully and emotively.

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