Virtual Coaching: Changing Careers During Covid-19

Changing Careers During Covid-19

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I interview lifestyle coach, Anthony Astbury, who shares his wisdom on how to deal with career changes, a great help for many during these uncertain times. He is a former City worker who spent 20 years on broking and trading floors before leaving to find a life more fulfilled.

On his journey of personal development, he spent time in London, Miami, and Tenerife. He has learned from Tony Robbins and went on to retrain as a lifestyle coach. In 2018 he co-founded the Whole Man Academy and is now the CEO of the initiative, which encourages guys to get together and talk. Anthony has a ton of wisdom and a relaxed and easy style.

Fun fact: He can juggle up to 5 objects at once!

In this interview, we discuss virtual coaching, and things to consider if you are looking to change careers or if you’ve been made redundant. He explains the importance of empathy, breathing to help manage anxiety, and the extreme importance of really LISTENING when on a virtual call or online training session.

In 2018, Anthony Astbury co-founded the Whole Man Academy. He’s now the CEO of the initiative which encourages guys to simply get together and talk, helping them to cope with the stresses of modern life.

As a lifestyle coach, virtual teaching has helped Anthony to connect with people across the world, taking his lifestyle coaching to new heights. He shares some of his most helpful advice that could help us all get through some tough times, especially during these COVID19 times.

Focus on empathy and really listening
As a lifestyle coach, you really have to ask yourself how you could walk in the shoes of that person for a while, and try on their life and understand what issues they have. It doesn’t have to be hugely in-depth background information but just asking some fairly standard questions about that person like what their challenges have been.

The world of virtual teaching has opened up some surprising avenues for Anthony as the Whole Man Academy has ventured into online training/coaching sessions with people from all over the world – “If you’ve got a Zoom call, or it doesn’t really matter whether you’re using Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or WhatsApp messenger, it’s organic, in a way, you become a better coach if you actually switched the video off because you really have to listen. There’s listening, and then there’s actually hearing.”

4 Steps to starting your day the right way

  1. Move
    Start your day by doing any kind of movement or exercise, for some people, it’s yoga. For others it’s swimming, going to the gym or running. Now you may not be able to get out of the house to actually do something because perhaps you start your day very early or you’ve got kids, but there’s no excuse for not being able to exercise, even if it’s a little bodyweight exercise, or even a 5 or 10-minute yoga workout, just get moving.
  2. Breathe
    It’s important to breathe, that much we know, but there’s so much good evidence around it. The importance is breathing properly and deeply, as opposed to the kind of shallow breathing where you’re just using the upper part of the lungs. Don’t get too bogged down with the details of all these fancy breathing techniques. If you just simply stood and took 20 long, slow, deep breaths first thing in the morning, ideally outside, that will channel a bit of energy into you and just give you that time to clear your mind a little.
  3. Think
    Once you’ve started your day off with some movement and deep breathing, you’ll begin to think with a fresher mind.
  4. Drink
    Don’t forget to hydrate and give your body what it needs!

Making a career change
The first part is planning. You have to ask yourself – What do you actually want to do? Because a lot of people, either don’t know what they want to do, or they think they know what they want to do, but have no idea what it’s like to live that life. So planning is key. Make sure you’re actually working towards a career that you want as opposed to one you don’t.

You might know what all the good things about your new shiny career might be, but what are the bad things about it? Question someone who’s got the job that you want. Don’t just ask them about the good things, but ask them about the bad parts of their job. And if you’re okay with those things, then maybe you can head down that path.

Damage control
So you hate your job and you’re looking to go down a new career path, but you can’t pay the mortgage with hopes and dreams, and you’ve got no savings. Or maybe you’ve been hit by hard times such as the current COVID19 pandemic that’s seen tons of people lose their jobs.

That changes everything. The most important thing to do is to go and get a job, any job, to start bringing in some money. At the very least, it’ll take the pressure off of you, and give you some sort of peace of mind so you can plan your next steps.

Connection & the magic of comedy
COVID19 or the Coronavirus pandemic really made us aware of the effects social isolation can have and the importance of finding things that can make us smile. Watching the news and news updates all day can be depressing, and if you’ve been in isolation, perhaps it’s time to reach out to some friends, say hello and reconnect. We know that comedy and laughter is a drug and it’s a free one, so sit down and pick your favourite comedies, and sit down and watch them.