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Virtual Classes explained

An interactive virtual live classroom that you can tune into from anywhere in the world. Jabba prefers Zoom, but can work on other training platforms – all you need is a stable internet connection. 

Are they right for me?

Virtual Classes are ideal for businesses who want to train up groups of people at the same time. Doing it this way results in less time away from core duties, as well as a reduced cost to company per person trained. Also great for individuals who want the opportunity to receive live feedback from an expert on how they’re doing. A Jabba virtual class aims to educate and entertain its students with fun interactive exercises.

Still not sure?

Jabba has taught over 3000 professionals globally in virtual classrooms. 

The average net promoter score of a Jabba Virtual Class has been over 85% i.e. 85% of attendees would recommend the class to a colleague. 

Jabba is trusted by global brands such as SAP, Salesforce & Hitachi.

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