Virtual Keynote


I am a born and bred sales person who became an actor and voice artist so “valuable entertainment” is the name of the game!
The speech will be delivered with panache, entertainment and it will have excellent production value (studio quality).

Typical topics

Jabba is all about communication and so in my speeches, I typically focus on how anyone can improve their presence, their voice, their performance and their ability to connect with others digitally or physically.
I explain and demo some vocal concepts that are easy to understand and implement.
The importance of non-verbal communication to keep and hold audience engagement.
What else you can do to have a more dynamic performance on screen or on stage.
These are some of the things I can talk about, however, you can ask me to make any subject come to life.

How It Works

Once you have completed your purchase you will receive an email with a link to book the date, time of the virtual keynote.
You can review our payment and cancellation terms here: Terms and Conditions.

Before the delivery date:

Scoping call to make sure all stakeholders understand the brief and the scope of what need to be discussed.
Jabba will also insert some company specific terms and information that your audience might need to hear.
Agreement of live exercises (if any) to be done.
Confirmation of digital meeting platform and any firewall or technical considerations.

After the class:

Immediately after the class, an evaluation can be done via 3 short polls to determine the efficacy of the talk and performance which are then sent to client stakeholders and management.
Optional Extra – I can evaluate attendee recordings and give personalised feedback on pitches, presentations for continuous improvement.


15 – 45 min

Virtual keynotes vary in length depending on your requirements. Some clients want to only listen, whilst others want live exercises such as:

Interactive polling and word clouds.
Private practice sessions on individual attendee phones.

Customer Review

“Great session from Alistair on perfecting your virtual voice and keeping people engaged. Excellent feedback from my colleagues who attended the session on the 6 components of making your virtual voice heard – pitch – pace- fillers- pausing- volume – melody. During the session we were all practicing how breath control has an amazing impact on all these elements.”

– Christine Cooke (Head of Learning and Development at Hitachi Europe)




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