Presenting To A Crowd

What You’ll Get Out Of This Course

Your company wants you to speak at an event. It’s 3 weeks away & there are going to be at least 500 people in the audience, plus thousands more watching online. Your mouth goes dry & your heart begins to pound…

When speaking to a crowd of people, the stakes are higher & the pressure is more visceral compared to speaking in front of a boardroom or small Zoom meeting. In this personal coaching session, we work with you to make that keynote presentation or TEDx speech come to life. We’ll help you to connect with, captivate & move your audience, practising until your delivery is rock solid & pitch perfect.

We can help you regardless of whether you’re presenting to a physical audience or an online one. There are important differences between the two, but we’ll walk you through both & focus on your particular situation.

We Teach The Engaging Communication Trifecta

  1. Body: When you combine powerful speaking with assertive facial expressions & dominant body language, you’ll be able to move & motivate your audience. In fact, 55% of meaning is conveyed through body language alone.
  2. Voice: Did you know that 38% of communication relies on vocal tone? So it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. With the rise of remote work & digital meeting platforms, nailing your vocal tone is more important than ever.
  3. Production: Whether you’re presenting in person or digitally, don’t allow your setup to let you down.

How The Process Works

  1. Once you have completed your purchase you will receive an email with a link to book the date & time for your personal coaching session. You can review our payment & cancellation terms here: Terms & Conditions.
  2. You will fill out a pre-coaching questionnaire so we know exactly what you would like to work on.
  3. During the coaching session, we look at 15 different aspects of your performance & setup (Jabba’s Engaging Speaking & Performance 15 scoring methodology or ESP15).
  4. After the session, we will give you qualitative as well as quantitative feedback on each point with corrections & exercises.
  5. For best results, we recommend at least 2 coaching sessions, a week apart.

Session Includes

  1. Understanding vocal & physical performance theory & how this impacts your performance
  2. Understanding non-verbal communication theory
  3. Jabba’s 1B1T (“one breath, one thought”) pacing technique
  4. Making sure your opening & closing 2 minutes have punch & panache, vocally & physically (we follow the Primacy/Recency theory, which is the tendency of most people to remember only the first & last things you say)
  5. The “Pitch-Pace Parabola” (how to make important points stand out so that your audience gets them)
  6. Eye-zagging & working the room
  7. Stage presence & moving
  8. Mic technique, teleprompters & technology considerations
  9. Possible Interactive elements & technology to incorporate
  10. Iterative performance & feedback of your presentation, talk or pitch
  11. ESP15 Scoring & Coach Feedback (emailed to you post session)

Session Duration

60 minutes (or as many sessions as required)

Customer Review

“I had a great experience working with Alistair as a vocal coach. I’ve been a speaker for 18 years, but it’s good to see that Al was able to teach this old dog new tricks. Recommended!”

– Richard Mulholland, International Keynote Speaker




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