1 Hour Coaching Session

Nowadays, virtual meetings are the norm and not the exception they once were.


When you get it right your voice can be your greatest tool to captivate an audience, motivate colleagues, influence decision-makers, and of course, make that sale. It’s our belief at Jabba that everyone can be interesting and powerful, with the ability to emotionally connect to those around them – and their voices can help with this. We tend to think of our voices as unchangeable, but this is not true. You can train your voice to do amazing things – you just need to be given the tools!


This is your lesson so you get to decide how to use it! These lessons may be highly customisable but as voice experts we also have a few topics you can choose from, such as body language, engaging your audience, breath control, melody, volume, pace and pausing, and fillers.

How it works

Once you have completed your purchase you will receive an email with a link to book the date, time and course material for your personal coaching session.


60 minutes