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personal coaching explained

This is one-on-one coaching that offers a more personalized experience with one of our amazing voice coaches.

Is it right for me?

Are you nervous in groups or do you find it difficult to concentrate? Are you not tech savvy and worried about having to learn through online courses? If you answered yes to any of these then one-on-one coaching is perfect for you!

Still not sure?

“Easily one of the best soft skills training sessions I have ever had on any topic. I haven’t seen a presentation skills course that provides this sort of insight & coaching for your entire “performance” in a virtual meeting, including voice, body language & eye contact.” – Richard Achee – Global Technology Partnerships | Google

“Wow! I had a hugely impactful one-hour session with Alistair to help me improve online conference presence & connection. He helped me with the basics – technology, light, sound. He gave me some useful tips for pitch & melody to show my passion and to keep people engaged. I learnt to use my strengths to be more confident and powerful in my speech.” – Eva Heffernan – Technology & Sales Leader | Salesforce

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