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Get powerful digital presence coaching from a Jabba voice and presence coach.

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This one-on-one coaching offers a personalized experience with one of our amazing voice coaches.  With their help you’ll cultivate a powerful digital presence in no time!

Is it right for me?

Do you hate the sound of your own voice and/or dislike the way you come across on a webcam or on stage? Are you overwhelmed by the myriad technology, camera, lighting, sound and virtual platform options out there?

Don’t worry, you are not alone – MOST people hate the sound of their own voices and technology challenges the best of us sometimes.

Remember the webcam (camera) flattens us or makes us look less than, however, there are vocal and performance techniques that can make you look and sound better. If you combine these tweaks with improved lighting and sound, you begin to “pop” or stand out on a webcam.

Still not sure?

Jabba is trusted by global brands such as SAP, Salesforce & Hitachi. We have taught over 3000 professionals globally in virtual classrooms, with an average net promoter score over 85%. If you’re still wondering whether a course like this is for you, find out more about self-paced learning from Jabba’s Chief Speaking Officer Alistair Davis.

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