How To “Bulletproof” Your Virtual Or Online Business

How To “Bulletproof” Your Virtual Or Online Business

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I interview Scott MacDonald whom I met through my podcasting course, “Broadcast Yourself” from Scott’s a dynamic go-getter, born and raised in Toronto Canada. Besides having an excellent voice, he’s the founder of Ontario Hockey Club and the host of “The Real Xperience” Podcast. His passions include entrepreneurship, business, hockey, coaching, podcasting, and personal development.

Fun fact – Scott was a better actor than an athlete growing up, but never pursued it, as Toronto is the Mecca for hockey in North America. He’s played hockey, baseball, and Australian football growing up.

In this interview, we discuss how to bulletproof your virtual business, our experience in doing podcasting, the benefits thereof, and avoiding perfectionism, as well as the concept of “omnipresence”- something every business today needs, whether they are focused on physical or virtual engagements.

Scott MacDonald, founder of Ontario Hockey Club and the host of “The Real Xperience” Podcast advises on how to avoid perfectionism and analysis paralysis, as well as how he learnt the importance of “omnipresence” while venturing into podcasting with The London Real course and the Broadcast Yourself course.

Here’s what he has to say and how just starting on whatever virtual engagements you’re interested in can benefit you and your virtual business:

What I learned in the first half of the course – I got a lot of episodes done, and then I slowed down a bit because I was so far ahead and I started thinking more strategy on how I can leverage this.

I wasn’t really promoting it but people were coming to me and saying, “Oh, hey, I listened to your podcast. That message that you said, can you come and speak to my team this fall? I think that’s a great message to get out and we’ll pay you for it.”

Some other podcasters who I started following, they said, “Hey, love what you’re doing. Keep it up.” But they have 10 X the followers than I do, some of them 100 X that and it was amazing that way.

When I did my first blog with London Real, I thought “Who the hell is going to care about this?” I cannot believe the positive comments I got back after I posted that.

You’ve just got to put yourself out there more and start learning those essential online sales skills. When you put yourself out there more and you start trending towards success, success starts moving your way. Difficult times like these are when millionaires are made because they’re going out and finding new value, new essential services.

How to bulletproof your virtual business
Many people who have done some stuff online, some sort of virtual engagements, only to have had it die out quickly because they’re offering the same thing that they were offering before COVID 19.

They didn’t go beyond it and they’ve put themselves in a situation where they rely so much on when the world does go back to normal, that they didn’t have the time to expand on bulletproofing the virtual business side.

Just by putting yourself on an online platform and venturing into virtual engagements is helping you to bulletproof your business, slowly but surely expand into different industries because you’re not going to be an overnight success just by saying, “I want to do it.”

Do things that you’re good at, and jot down all your talents and skills, things that you love to do with the business ideas you have, and see where you can offer value. Don’t just bulletproof your one business idea. Bulletproof your revenue streams. For example, there may be a gap or an opportunity in public speaking, personal development, or sales that you need to tap into.

Create different income sources and by doing so you’ll meet more people, and find more opportunities, to the point where you’ll end up having too much. Then you can start to really hone in and ask yourself, “Which avenues are most worth my time?”

Avoiding Perfectionism & Analysis-Paralysis
Don’t waste time overanalyzing. The quicker you move on from one thing, the quicker you can get started on the next one. Let’s say you wanted to do five blogs every day, just do it and keep pumping it out, even if it’s not entirely perfect, the trick is to get started. You’ll meet criticism now and then. Simply improve and move on.

You might make the wrong choice from time to time but you’ll find out quicker than if you just pick something, instead of overanalyzing which decision is the best one to make. Failure is just testing – When you get that uncomfortable feeling, it means you’re actually doing something.

If you’re doubting yourself and don’t know where to start, just pick up a hypothetical rock, throw it and start there! You don’t always need any special online sales skills just yet, you just need to take action. Once you start taking action, you’ll break through that wall of resistance and build momentum. When you start to move towards that success, your critical and creative thinking goes through the roof!

Make the change
If you want to change, if you want your life to change – You have to change. You have to get out of your comfort zone. You’ve got to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, push yourself outside of your limits and pursue what really makes you happy!

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