5 Vocal Tone Apps You Should Consider

5 Vocal Tone Apps You Should Consider

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As with everything today, there is an app for EVERYTHING and vocal tone is no exception. I have done extensive research on tonality and vocal tone apps and whilst not all aspects of tonality can be measured yet, there are some components of vocal tone that can be measured quite nicely. For instance, at the moment, the science of Prosody(how our vocal tone sings and changes in melody and pitch) is not something that linguistics has managed to measure. At the moment, we can measure:

  1. Vocal fillers like ums, ahs, so etc….
  2. Pace
  3. Volume
  4. Pitch

Here are 5 of the best apps amongst literally hundreds that you should check out should you wish to measure components of your voice, should you struggle with certain aspects.

  1. Likeso – dedicated to vocal fillers
  2. Ummo – another one dedicated to vocal fillers
  3. Vocal Pitch Analyser – Ever wondered if your voice appears more (traditionally) “male” or “female” – or neither? You can now easily find out by recording a one minute sample with our app. It’ll analyse your voice and calculate your average pitch range. Your results will be saved and you can follow changes over time. So if you train your voice, this will show your progress and improvements. Available on the Google app store.
  4. Voice Volume Catcher – You can enjoy learning how to control the volume of your voice, which is necessary for the communication with others. When you speak at the mike on your phone, animals holding baskets move around to catch the sweets falling from the trees. Available on the Google app store.
  5. Voice Analyst – Top 3 Medical App in USA, UK, Australia, France, Canada and many more! Over 1 million recordings have been made by singers, therapists and clinicians in over 100 countries around the world. It is an essential tool for singers, LSVT, people with Parkinson’s Disease, voice difficulties or transgender voice monitoring. Available on iTunes.

And a bonus app that is really interesting is Virtual Speech which is a VR practise application that allows you to practise your speech, job interview, sales pitch as if you were standing in front of a live audience.

Whatever your vocal problem, I can help you with simple exercise and awareness to help bring your tonality to life!

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