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Jabba provides easy-to-follow acting & voice artistry coaching that will help you connect, captivate & motivate the people around you. Find out why thousands of sales professionals around the world trust us. Got your attention? Click the button below to find out more.


Build trust & rapport with colleagues & future clients.


Ensure everyone is hanging on every word you say.


Learn how to close the deal & influence those around you.

Online Courses

This is ideal for people who want to learn on their own schedule – for those who need a bit more flexibility. You simply select the course of your choice, sign up for it & then you get to take it at your own pace.

Virtual Classes

Virtual classes are ideal for businesses who want to train groups of people. Doing it this way results in less time away from core duties, as well as a reduced cost to company per person trained.  

Virtual Keynotes

Imagine a skills workshop brought to you live wherever you are in the world. Don’t let the “new normal” get in the way of upskilling your team.
What is a virtual classroom?
How to Make Virtual Meetings More Engaging

Personal Coaching

Are you nervous in groups or do you find it difficult to concentrate? Are you not tech savvy & worried about having to learn through online courses? If you answered ‘yes’ then personal coaching is perfect for you!

4000+ Professionals trained

“Jabba has been a phenomenal success for SAP. The training is highly engaging & attendees walk away with real-life practical skills that they can use in their professional as well as their personal lives.”

– Noel Farrell, SAP

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